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With several areas of expertise it can be easy to try to cover too many skill-sets. We manage to avoid this by utilizing elements of each area to aid and strengthen our talents in another.

We are here to help!

Our Process

We strongly believe that design should be driven by data. Therefore our process is firmly rooted in research and anlysis to uncover hidden problem points, and better understand the needs of our clients and their end customers. From there we are able to put together affective strategies for design,  development and more.

Our Toolbox

  1. BBEdit - HTML Editor
  2. Bootstrap - frontend toolkit
  3. Craft CMS
  4. DDEV - local web development environment
  5. Docker - OS-level virtualization containers
  6. Figma - Design
  7. Git Version Control
  8. inkscape Vector Graphics
  9. Pinegrow Web Editor & Prototyper
  10. SourceTree Git Client
  11. macOS
  12. Davinci Resolve - Video Edting Tool
  13. Amadeuss Pro - Audio Editor
  14. Audio Hijack - Audio Recording
  15. Gimp - Bitmap Graphic Design
  16. Krita - Bitmap Painting Tool
  17. OmniGraffle - Diagram Tool
  18. OmniGraffle - Outlining Tool
  19. Scribus - Desktop Publishing Tool
  20. SeqelPro - Database Managment

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